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Welcome to my space. Great to have you here and to check out my neck of the woods.

“Be Bold. Be Prideful. Be You. Never Stop Being Your-Unique-Self.”


Me Standing Out

As a kid, I always strived be like everyone around me. Constantly comparing myself, trying my hardest to be someone other than ME. I was just bringing myself further down, than wanting to beat the sound of my own ever beating drum. I am UNIQUE just like the other person standing beside me. Not one nor two people are alike. That is change i am embracing and forever embracing, is me finally STANDING OUT and beating the sound to my OWN drum. I took a love for the great outdoors, being one with nature. Getting a sense of freeing nature to be ME! Allowing my drum to beat ever so effort-sly and freely. I took on advanced trails, hiking to un-seen passages. Climbing unclaimed rock faces and big boulders, to touch the clouds. Embarking on week and month long trips, backpacking in unclaimed territory — to see many different beauties. Running on trails, to feel the excitement of heart pounding my drum so loud, to the destination i craved. Swimming in cold waters of magic blues, from a 4 hour hike, to finally pour myself in its deep beauty. Watching the roaring currents, while rafting down the never stopping flowing rivers — even being thrown out. These are me. My never ending beating drum, that made me feel free and still do. In 2016, i found a new pro-found love that allows me feel the never ending free flowing inspiration — CROCHETING. That first time i picked up a hook and breathed in the mountain fresh air, are together as ONE. I get allow my creative side pour through and design from my own memories. Painting upon a canvas with no boundaries, to share a piece of ME with YOU. That is my MISSION, but always being allowed to let my drum BEAT LOUDLY.

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Let’s Celebrate Everything …Pride

What does Pride mean to you? Do you support or celebrate Pride? Pride has a special and deeper meaning to me. It’s a among long celebration, where we celebrate, support or join in alliance with the LGBTQIA+, letting them know we stand by with them, to allow them to be theirselves inside and out. To always express their true unique selves. With that, I am grateful and honored to be apart of great and uplifting community. Standing by each other, with always being supportive in every way shape and form. There is one foundation that has a special place among my my heart, The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project

Their mission to work and continue support, to help ending the suicidal rate among youth within the LGBTQIA+ community. Their vision, to have a world where all young LGBTQIA+ see a bright future for themselves. Their goal, to serve 1.8 million crisis contacts annually, by the end of their 25th year, while to continue to innovate their core services. They aim to achieve these through their 5 key programs: Crisis Services, Peer Support, Research, Public Education and Advocacy. Let’s help them achieve these goals, by donating to a wonderful foundation.

Many companies have banded together and to raise support together. One company in particular, that I have come to love and work with, FURLS CROCHET. The last twelve months, FURLS CROCHET made a donation of over $16k, this they are planning matching the donations up to $20k. This year, FURLS CROCHET, even designed a second Pride Hook, full of glitter and smiles. FURLS CROCHET, has been a true supporter within each and every community, standing by in alliance. Which is literally, truly amazing. Check out their landing page, to donate through and Shop Pride Hooks.

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Where did you get glasses from?

I buy all my glasses online from a company called
They have all the styles that fit my personality and bring out my face.

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