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Bit About Myself


Do you ever think of what people think of you? Do you ever think of what people say about you? Do you believe what you hear? Or do you brush it off like nothing can hurt you?

When, I was younger wasn’t easy for me. I felt like I had this target placed upon. Words constantly hitting me like daggers for every direction. It made me hide in a little ball not wanting to face the world at all and not care about myself. It was away, just to protect myself from getting hurt from everyone around me.

I took those words and wrapped myself tight in them. They become apart of me, to hide the true me from myself and everyone around me. I allowed them to define me as a person. It was the only thing I knew how to do. I can tell you this if I didn’t, I know from deep inside I wouldn’t be here today.

It’s a proud moment that I didn’t allow it to take my life. Words can be the most demeaning part of us. The meaning of words take on a whole aspect on how they are used. They damage you as a person right into the core of who you are and take control. At that moment, my life changed.

People constantly are still telling I take things personal. That I can agree with. By the simple fact, how I have been talked to you and treated. I have tired my hardest just to walk away or block them out, but that has been harder than it sounds. To change things isn’t easy whatsoever, but all I can say is that I am trying.

What I want to tell you now, is that I am starting to look at my life differently. Appreciating myself more as person than ever in my life, because I have realized, this is the only life I have to live. I am living for anyone around me. Why should I care what people think ow what they have to say to me?

Now, I just allow them to say whatever comes across their minds but no longer taking that to heart. I still listen and now, I chose what I what to do with those from there. It’s all apart of this new journey I am along to change and grow more as the person I am.

I can tell you this, it’s not easy. You’re waiting for that moment to slip back into your old ways, but the stronger you get the easier it will be. Now, when I look in the mirror, I smile at myself and it’s the most truest smile I can give myself, then before. I tell myself I am proud and not going to give up or take that step back.

What I want to pass along is, don’t let words define you as person. Start knowing you as who you are, then take that with you to change you. You can’t change everyone around you, you can change you. Start today by putting that foot down, that will only take you higher.

Start with you to break the habit. Start with you to love yourself, before loving those around you. Start with you being you. Start by making the change. Today is always a new day, never what it will have in store for you. Your day is today.

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