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Foxy Loxy Pompom, Free Crochet Pattern, MM_Crochet17

Here lately, I have been seeing the love with this fur yarn from Lion Brand Yarn and beauty behind it. My heart melted and screamed in joy. Possibilities and designs started pouring in my head, with what I could make with this yarn. Just only one stuck, a full on crocheted PomPom to add to so many projects or making a fur ornament for decoration. Keep reading for the free pattern.

©️2020 MM_Crochet17
Foxy Loxy Pompom in Baked Alaskan

When, I was trying to figure out how to do a pompom with this yarn, I came by Left In Knots fur crocheted PomPom, but I just couldn’t get it to work out for the life of me. It was like my brain was out of order at this time. Then, recently shortly after, I noticed that Crazy4crochetmama had come up with a pompom out of Red Heart Yarns Hygge, such a beautiful crocheted PomPom (that I need to try out, as well), which both were my inspiration for this pompom. Plus, even Bhooked inspired these with her podcast explaining on how to use this yarn. Which got me to thinking, I want to create something special to be used with this yarn.

©️2020 MM_Crochet17
Chinchilla, Blonde Elk and Baked Alaskan Foxy Loxy Pompom

I love faux fur, as it is super soft and has a very luxurious touch to it, that had me dreaming to make a pompom that would resemble the same effect to it. This design just kept dancing inside the front of my brain, letting nothing else come forth until I produce this item.

Then, one night sitting on the couch, I grabbed this beautiful yarn out of stash and my big Boye size N/19 (10.00mm) Hook, started creating this design, the best idea I had, from the depths of my creativeness.

©️2020 MM_Crochet17
Chinchilla Faux Fur Yarn

This project resembles a squared piece of fur fabric. As it is the same soft touch, that all you want to do is keep petting it, like you would your dog. After, you have finished getting to your last measurement, FO and you don’t have to weave in your ends, then you begin cinching it up like you would a faux fur fabric and then stuff her up to get the same roundness as all those faux fur pompom’s on the market, but the greatest touch and best secret, is that is all crocheted up. That is the goal that I was looking for, once I started creating this joy. Plus, this yarn will not disappoint you in anyway, it will have you wanting more.

©️2020 MM_Crochet17
Chinchilla Foxy Loxy Pompom
©️2020 MM_Crochet17
Blonde Elk Foxy Loxy Pompom
©️2020 MM_Crochet17
Baked Alaskan Foxy Loxy Pompom

This yarn can be found at Lion Brand Yarn in many different shades: black panther, grey wolf, pink poodle, blue bengal, blonde elk, violet sterling, baked alaska, chinchilla, mink, Pomeranian, and bear. I have yet to try them all, but I can’t wait and the colors are to die for. The next color I am making these in are pink poodle and blue bengal, as these two are a gorgeous luxurious look. These will be available in my Shop soon for purchasing. 

On the plus size with this pattern, I have included a photo tutorial for you to follow, leading up to completing for your own Fauxy Loxy Pom, continue to the free pattern.

Before we begin this pattern please note what I have listed below:

©️2019. This pattern is for personal use only. Don’t copy or paste this pattern in full or portion, as it belongs to MMCrochet17. Don’t resell, redistribute, or recreate this pattern as your own, as it belongs to MMCrochet17. Don’t claim, use, recreate, or resell any pictures contained in this pattern as your own, as they belong to MMCrochet17. You may sell what you make from this pattern, but I encourage you credit back to me as I am the pattern designer, tagging/using my website, my Instagram @mm_crochet17, or Facebook @mandm-Crochet. You can even use the hashtag #mandmcrochet, so that I can your makes.

If you have any questions, contact us by email, on here or on social media. We are to help you and answer your questions.


Not a crucial step, as I use measurements for this type of pattern.


6.5″x6.5″ for the type of square you making for your Pompom.


Hook: Boye N/19 (10.00mm)

Yarn: Lion Brand Yarn Go For Faux

Tape Measure


Stitch Marker (optional)

Polyfill (~handful or a little more to get shape desired)

Long piece of any color worsted weight yarn (for cinching)

Darning Needle for sewing up the sides

Additional Notes

This pattern is written in US terminology.

When using this yarn, I suggest you be in a well lit area to see your stitches, as it’s hard to see them or you will have to feel for them, as it’s in the category #6 super bulky.

This pattern is worked in rows, chaining 1 and turning, before starting next row.

Ch1’s don’t count a stitch.

You don’t need to weave in your ends, as you will stuff them inside your pompom, before cinching up.

After, you are finished cinching up, pull tight, tie several knots to keep in place, then take one of the two strands and add your needle, poke needle across from where you are and pull through, tie several more knots and you’re done.

You will also notice that you can’t deal which row you are, I suggest you grab your tape measure and measure. until you get to 6.5″ and then carry onto finishing up your pompom.

Abbreviations/Stitches Used

Ch: chain.

SC: single crochet.

R: row.

FO: fasten off.

ST: stitches.

H: hook.

Now, Let’s begin making your Pompom!!

To start, grab your N H and ch13.

R1: in the second ch from h sc, and sc in the next eleven ch’s. Ch1 and turn. (12st’s)

R2-12: sc in same st and next 11 st’s. Ch1 and turn. (12st’s)

Once your piece measures 6.5″ long and 6.5″ wide, FO and don’t weave in your ends, as they are easily to be stuffed inside your pompom when cinching. 

Now, it’s time to be cinched up. 

Grab a long piece of any color of your choice, of worsted weight yarn. Place your farming needle on your strand of yarn. Poke your yarn through the last stitch before FO’ing off, then continue around until you get to where you started, both tails should be facing on the same side. Un-string your needle and then begin pulling tight, before you close the pompom all the way closed, take your filling and stuff your pompom, continue to stuff until you have your desired look. Once, you’re done stuffing, pull on your two strings to have a tight hole, then begin tying several knots to secure it. Then begin stringing one of the two strands with your needle, then poke your needle across or diagonally from your knots, pull strand through, release needle from strand and tie several knots to secure. Cut your strings to desired length and now you can attach to your next project or tie knots to leave as an ornament for decorating for the seasons.

©️2020 MM_Crochet17

Photo Tutorial

Now, you have completed your very own Fauxy Loxy Pom. You can share your item on social media, place it your shop for purchase make sure you tag me so I can see your color choice and how you are going to use it. 

Thank you for your love and support. 

Follow us along our handprints journey and find your next project. 


Copyright © 2022 All content and photos are all property belonging to MM_Crochet17.

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