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Darn Good Yarn—Unicorn Scissors Review

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday.

I have something and amazing, to share with y’all. The minute I laid my eyes upon these beauties, I just knew, I needed them in my life. The unicorn shape and rainbow color, is what drew me into them.

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I want to thank the great and wonderful people from Darn Good Yarn for sending me these beautiful scissors to use and write this review.

Get Your Very Own HERE 👇🏻

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They are 4” from the point to the handles.

These scissors are coated with a unique rainbow plasma, making them stand out to the naked eye. They will pop out in all your photos, between there unique shape of a unicorn and beautiful rainbow color.

Those sharp blades will be helpful when you are trimming those pompoms or tassels for yarn projects, making the ends the same and even. They even cut through any type of yarn.

Get Yours HERE 👇🏻

It’s stainless blades with sharp points allow for delicate cutting trimming of any craft project.

This perfect unicorn shape of these scissors, just make me keep smiling and brighten up, when my eyes meet them. If you look closely, you can even the unicorn giving you a smile back.

One thing I really enjoy about these scissors, is the little case it comes in. It’s perfect to keep them in when not in use or for when you’re on the go. All you have to do is slip them right in and off you go. Perfect scissors to have when on the go. Plus, how can you not love these unicorn scissors!!

They are sleek and rearing to go. They are perfect for any type of fingers small, skinny, bigger or chunky fingers. My fingers are on the chunky size, they fit right in. They don’t cramp or get stuck, which is this perfect fit.


If you’re a Unicorn Lover, these scissors are perfect for you!!

I just can’t stop using my scissors at all!!

Darn Good Yarn is a good place to shop if you’re looking for sustainable products and fashionable items. Darn Good Yarn is dedicated to supporting women’s economic empowerment, fair trade practices, and principles of environmental sustainability. Also, they focus on empowering woman in India and Nepal, by providing fair-trade work. They use reclaimed and sustainable materials to create many beautiful products from skirts, yarns, other project bags, and so many more. Over all a very good company to always help and support what they are doing.


Make sure to checkout all their other affordable products they have. You will not be disappointed… AT ALL!!

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