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Crochet Foundry Magazine Summer Issue 2021 — Review


Today, the Summer Issue 2021 of Crochet Foundry has been released. My dear and grateful friends from Furls Crochet sent me a copy to review! I am very excited about this one completely!! Plus, I know you will be as well!

I have been following along from the start, where it all began for them. Always an inspired and impressed by all the garment designs they have created, issue after issue.

This Issue is jammed packed with 9 size inclusive crochet garment patterns for women, that are all perfect summer or year round. A variety from a skirt, shawl, pullover, cardigan or tank top, just perfect for any preference you prefer. You can make them all or just pick a few, that will keep you cool while you are out in the summer air or have for your next vacay or adventure. Adding more variety to your handmade wardrobe.

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This post does contain affiliate links. At no extra cost to, I will receive a small commission, through the purchases you make through the links.

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So, you may wonder what Crochet Foundry Magazine is and what they are about? Description from their website:

“Crochet Foundry was created in February 2020, when a group of designers came together with a simple mission: To create beautiful garments for women of all sizes.

The Crochet Foundry Team was delighted with the overwhelming response from the crochet community after releasing the first issue in Summer 2020 with 5 original designs.

Proudly partnering with WeCrochet and Furls, each digital issue continued with 7 brand new designs that celebrated our craft, and encouraged women to create, and wear, their projects with pride. Because every body deserves beautiful crochet.

In early 2021, Furls Crochet purchased Crochet Foundry, warmly welcoming the magazine as part of the Furls family. What this means for our customers is that we will now be able to provide MORE patterns in each issue, MORE content, and MORE support than ever before! Hold on tight! We are just getting started.” -Our Story-

Now, 8 designers have come together for this Summer 2021 Issue to bring you 9 beautifully crafted designs.

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Now, let’s dig right into my thoughts and over all impression of this Issue

This magazine is very well planned and thought out. From, the very first page to the very last page. It just flowed smoothly the pages like vanilla icing over vanilla cake.

They navigation between the pages and patterns, are a clear path, there are no bumps trying to steal you away from your enjoyment. Each pattern included in this issue formatted clearly and easily to read.

They include detailed schematics and stitch charts, that will help and explain, if you get stuck in a certain part of the pattern.

Also, with purchasing the Summer 2021 Issue or the subscription through June 18 – 22, you will receive, as a bonus, the Style Guide, Gauge Matters and Custom-Fit Guide. Great bonuses.

Did you know that each issue of Crochet Foundry you receive fun little recipes to enjoy next to you while you make these designs? Yes, it is very true. Nice and yummy delicious SUMMERY treats ready for your enjoyment.

Summer 2021 Recipes

  • Frozen Raspberry Delight
  • A Lollipop Recipe
  • Homemade Nonpareil
  • Vegan Vanilla Frosting Recipe
  • One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream
  • Vanilla Dreamboat Dessert
  • Prefect Parfait
  • Yogurt Berry Ice Pop
  • Pineapple Dole Whip

These delicious treats are hand picked by the designers, brought to you by their designs. Just a fun and exciting treat to enjoy, while you are busy working away through the inspiration.

Each magazine and even this newest issue are made with FURLS CROCHET HOOKS and yarn support from WECROCHET.

If you haven’t noticed or heard yet, but WECROCHET is having a huge SUMMER YARN SALE, going on. You can even take advantage of this sale to make these patterns, by clicking the image below 👇🏻

Look specifically for these yarns, as they are the ones that were used in the patterns: Hawthorne Speckled Hand Painted Fingering, Comfy Cotton Fingering, Paragon Sport Yarn, Curio #3 (lace weight), Carpetta (fingering weight), Comfy Fingering, and Carpetta Superwash. Look for these type of yarns @

For the Boho Pineapple Warp, it uses Furls Whims Merino Yarn, it’s the DK lightweight yarn. It’s 200yds in each ball. You will need 10 balls or 1,840yds in total.

Each design uses beautiful handcrafted yarn, that captivates each design in a different way, making them standout.

Let’s See Each Pattern…

Boho Pineapple Warp, By: Briana Kepner
Coconut Cupcake Coverup, By: April Gopwani
Flounce Top, By: Liliana Buce
Gum Drop Pullover, By: Michelle Moore
Lollipop Summer Cardigan, By: Briana Kepner
Nonpareils, By: Lorene Eppolite
Perfect Parfait Tank Top, By: Ashlea Konceny
Vanilla Dreamboat Top, By: Crystalized Designs
Vanilla Frosted Skirt, By: Pamela Stark

Also, you notice so little quotes throughout as well, which, will give that little smile and maybe a laugh just as well!! They represent that little needed extra amount of sugar for your life. How doesn’t love that extra amount of sugary goodness? I know I do. Than, you will want this issue.

After upon receiving this SUMMER 2021 ISSUE, is literally holy moly, I love it. Like seriously in love. Hands down completely. You ladies rock and created very beautiful and fun summery designs, that I know are going to loved this whole summer long. The combination of different patterns, through skill levels and styles. Even creating through the different affordable yarns for every budget, to come together to make these beautiful designs y’all lovely ladies have poured your talents and hearts into.

Another great thing about this Issue, is how you lovely talented ladies are wanting the patterns to reach a more wide spectrum, to fit a more wide range people. Showcasing size inclusive to every different type, than limiting. This is literally what drove me to your issues. Not one is the same and you literally can see it through every pattern showcased.

Everyone… I can tell you this it is INCLUSIVE ISSUE all the way from cover to back.

I did mention above the added features you will receive when you purchase this Summer Issue or a subscription which include: style and customized guide, also gauge matters. In my own opinion, I really believe they should be included inside the issue and would bring it more together as a magazine, from the beginning. They are a great collection of patterns, but I believe that the style and customization guide would bring it altogether. Even include which patterns would be great to use the style and customization guide for. I believe it would be more helpful in away.

But overall, I love everything about this Summer 2021 Issue. You brought manny patterns together ring in this season and summer ready treats, that I am excited to try out. Even some of these patterns are my treats into indulge in. I know I will be making a few of them!!

2 questions: Are you grabbing this issues? What of the 9 designs are you going to make or all of them?

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Happy Friday and Hooking Everyone. All in time for this weekend. Hope you grab a copy.

XOXOXO — MM_Crochet17

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