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Ferris Wheel Coasters

Hello Everyone …. Bringing you another QUICK and EASY pattern.

Free Crochet Pattern, using up all your scraps or diving into your stash, to make these coasters.

Perfect to place under your favorite cup of coffee, your new favorite plants or use as a decorative piece.

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Keep scrolling down for pattern…

Grab the inexpensive ad-free pattern below 👇🏻

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Did you go to fairs as a child? What about amusement parks? What is your favorite ride? Or did you stay down on the ground, to just watch the excitement and eat the delicious food?

Fairs and amusement parks, were my enjoyment hands down. I can remember going there with my Grandparents every summer, it was always my special place and fantasy place.


As a kid, I was a total adrenaline junkie and still am as an Adult. Lived for the rides. Especially the classic, Ferris Wheel. But, I could never, also pass up a good Roller Coaster either.

But, you find me on the FERRIS WHEEL. Riding it for hours and never bored.

Being able to get the highest point, to feel the light breeze on a hot summer day. Seeing the beautiful lights upon a great stary summer night. Just, the best feeling in the world.

So, I thought, why not create this memory in a keepsake piece. Bringing you a fun and decorative coaster, into your home or giving it as a gift to someone.

You won’t just stop at one, once you start, they multiply quick.


Lately, I have been falling more in love with Caron Simply Soft Solids Yarn. This yarn has a sheen look to it and it’s super soft. It is 100% acrylic yarn and love the way how it works and the squish factor it gives off.

This yarn comes in multiple ranges of color. The 2 colors shown in these samples I used, Country Blue and DK Country. Each skein holds 315yds. I knew it would be the best fit for this pattern.

You may substitute for any other type of worsted weight 4 yarn. Furls Crochet has there Wander Yarn that would work with this as well and many great colors to choose from. You can also use cotton yarn as well.

Here are some other great yarns you could choose from as well for this pattern 👇🏻….

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Hook: 4.5mm (I Love My Furls)

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Yarn: Worsted Weight 4 (samples: I used Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue and DK Country) Approx yds: 60-80.


  • Scissors
  • Stitch Markers (optional)
  • Tapestry Needle (for weaving ends)

Skill Level

Beginner and beyond!!


  • From Middle to Last Row: 2.25”
  • From Edge to Edge: 4.5”


Inner to R2 = ~1”

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Abbreviations/Stitches Used

  • R: round
  • Slst: slip stitch
  • MR: magic ring
  • Ch: chain
  • DC: double crochet
  • TR: treble crochet
  • Bean: bean stitch
  • Sk: skip
  • YO: yarn over
  • FO: fasten off
  • **: to be repeated

Special Stitches

Bean Stitch: insert your hook into indicated stitch, YO, pull up a loop (2 loops on hook), yo, insert hook back into same stitch, YO, pull up a loop (4 loops on your hook), YO, insert hook back into same stitch, YO, pull up a loop (6 loops on your hook), YO, pull through all 6 loops, Ch1 to close.

Magic Ring: need a little re-cap on using the magic ring, this video is very helpful — or this video as well is helpful as well—

Ferris Wheel Coasters pattern by me ©️2021


  • US Crochet Terminology
  • Basic knowledge for using DC, and TRC.
  • Ch1, Ch3, Ch4, and Ch5 counts as a stitch.
  • Ch1 at the beginning of R4 doesn’t count as a stitch. Ch1’s closing the Bean Stitch, don’t count as a stitch.
  • You will be sl-st at the end of each round.
  • After, completing your first round, pull your tail tight to close the ring.
  • After completing the second row, make sure to check your gauge. Also, weave in your tail here.
Ferris Wheel Coasters Pattern by Me ©️2021

Now Let’s Begin …..


Starting with your 4.5m Hook and a MR. (If uncomfortable doing the MR, simply Ch3, Sl-St to 1st Ch, and move onto R1. You won’t have tight closed hole with doing this.)

R1: Ch3, place 7 more DC inside the ring. Sl-St to top of Ch3 to join. (8DC)

MR and R1. ©️2021

R2: Ch4, DC in same stitch, *DC, Ch1, DC,*. Sl-St into the 3rd ch to join. Sl-St in to the ch1. (24) (16DC, 8ch1’s)

R3: Ch5, TRC in the same stitch, TRC into the space between the 2 DC from previous row, Ch1, place another TRC into same space, *TRC into the Ch1, Ch1, place another TRC into same Ch1,TRC into the space between the 2 DC from previous row, Ch1, place another TRC into same space,* place TRC into the space between the Ch and DC from previous row, Ch1, place another TRC into same space. Sl-St in to the 4th Ch to join. (47) (32TRC, 15Ch1’s)

R4: Ch1, Bean in the same stitch, sk the ch1, Bean in the next 2 stitches, sk the ch1,* Bean in the last stitch. Sl-St to first Bean to join. (32 Beans)

FO. Weave in your ends.

Ferris Wheel Coasters Pattern by Me. ©️2021 Click Image to Shop Furls Streamline Paduk Hook.

You just completed your new FERRIS WHEEL COASTER 🎡!!

Thank you’re for stopping by to make this design. I hope you enjoyed it and keeps you smiling ☺️!! Thank you 😊 for your support!!

Ferris Wheel Coasters by Me. ©️2021. Click Image to Shop Furls Streamline Hooks and grab yourself a new Ebony Hook (BOGO no code needed until 8/4).


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Again, thank you for all your support. It means a lot. Now, off to design a new creation. xoxo

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