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Furls Leather Single Hook Case — Product Review

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Have you ever wondered how to protect your prize possessions? Have you ever broke your favorite crochet hook?

Now, you can protect your favorite tool. This is the one item that you need to have. I literally love this safe keeper. It is literally a safe blessing to have.

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You pop your hook in and you’re all set to go. Throw it in your project bag or any bag, you will always have your hook with you on the go. It won’t get lost and have that right size, when you are crocheting on the go. When you need to stop, place that hook back in and you’re all set.

Furls Crochet has really set the bar. They listen and want to keep your luxury hooks safe. This handy tool has some pure benefits:

  • Keeps your hook from rolling around
  • Protects from breaks and shattering
  • Getting tangled in your yarn in your bag
  • You won’t loose it. Always handy when you need it
  • You will always have the right size HOOK, for your current project
Click Image to Shop Furls Leather Single Hook Case and Odyssey Hooks

Furls Leather Single Hook Case is made of pure leather. It comes in 2 neutral colors: Black or Tan. It doesn’t bend, which is a huge plus, when it’s in your bag. It keeps your hook in a upright position, to protect the tip and the body of your hook.

It gives your hook extra padding and that right amount of cushion. It’s a perfect blanket for your loves.

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I use mine every chance I get. Especially, when I am busy sewing pieces or cinching up beanies. I will place my hook back in this case, so my hook won’t roll off my coffee table onto the floor. I usually know where my hook is at.

It definitely is a perfect accessory you need to have in your collection. it literally makes life super easier and to protect all my hooks.

Click Image to Shop Furls Leather Single Hook Case and Streamline Galaxy Swirl Virgo Hook

This Hook Case, isn’t just for one type of their amazing luxurious hooks, it’s made for them all. It will fit: Alpha’s, Streamline Wood, Streamline Swirls, Odyssey, Candy Shop and those Limited Edition Hooks.

You just slide your hook in, close the flap and then just put in any bag, walk out the door and you’re set to continue your project even on the go. Which, this little case was designed for.

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Here is what comes off Furls Crochet website:

“Genuine leather holders and travel cases for Furls crochet hooks – the 7″ long holder closes by fitting the top through the strap on the body to hold each hook securely in travel.”

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I can honestly say this: My Leather Hook case never doesn’t get use. It is always with me and protecting my travel hook. I use it every chance I get and to its full potential. It literally goes everywhere I go, when I am taking my yarn on the go, plus I also take all my hooks with me.

I hope you get one, because it help protects your luxurious hooks. We all love our Furl Crochet hooks, telling you to invest in one or two or three. It will save you money and save your hooks.

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Especially, those absolutely Limited Edition Hooks, that are totally EYE CANDY. Like …. Drum Roll Please … Pale Ebony Hook (which is on my list and will have). This case will definitely protect that Spooky Beauty from breaking, chipping and scratching (all Furls Crochet Hooks as well).

Click Image to Shop Furls Limited Edition Spooky Pale Moon Ebony Hook

I really hope you consider investing into these hook cases. They will save your pocket and save your hook. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. If you get one or have one, leave a reply on your thoughts. I love mine and won’t stop using mine, I plan on getting another.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

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