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Winter 2021 Issue Review

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Are you ready to ring in this Winter Season? Well, let’s ringing it in with this newest Winter 2021 Issue hitting the shelves from Crochet Foundry Magazine.

I am super excited over this new Issue that is coming soon. You are totally going to want this newest Issue. Bringing you all snuggles, cozy, comfy and warmth, through each of these designs from 11 very talented designers.

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Crochet Foundry - Winter 2021 Issue

Oh this Winter Season is fast approaching, bringing in the wind and cold, Crochet Foundry is welcoming it through this newest issue. While the days are getting darker and colder, we now have the chance to dress warmer — even through this issue, time to play a little dress up. Don’t think that you can’t keep yourself stylish and fashionable through this Winter Season, just take a look through this Issue.

Theme: Winter Romance

The colors used in this exciting Winter Issue, from these 11 talented Indie Designers, ranging from dazzling pinks, deep purples and mixtures of greys. Also, you will also notice in some of the designs they have included yarn substitutions as well. Shop for your new YARN from WECROCHET and use CODE (pg106) below 👇🏻

Also, the HOOKS from FURLS CROCHET, used with each design are their ODYSSEY HOOKS. Don’t forget that Furls Crochet released the new Iris Odyssey Hook, that you can also use with each of these designs, also the code (pg 106) in this Issue for a NEW HOOK. Get yours Below 👇🏻

Iris Odyssey

11 Designs: 7 garments and 4 accessories

One feature, I just can’t get over and since it’s a digital magazine, when you are in The Foundry Contents, you can click on the specific item and it jumps you right to where you want to go.

Extra Bonuses w/ Your Purchase..

Click Image to Get this Newest Issue, 2 Guides: for styling and customize to you and 2 Bonus Patterns: to be made and worn with these epic designs in this Issue.

Crochet Foundry - Winter 2021 Issue

Do you tend to wear sweaters? Do you like snuggling with a blanket? Do you enjoy wearing a beanie and scarf set? Do you enjoy reading articles? Do you drink or snack while you are crocheting?

I am telling you this and can contest to this as well, these magazines are worth it. They bring some wonderful and incredible designs, in just one issue. Away to keep your hands busy and to try each one. They also include extra bonuses as well, like patterns or DIY projects to try. They have also included ARTICLES, for an enjoyment reads, that are packed with very useful information. But … to me the best and great parts are all the DELICIOUS RECIPES that they offer. A great way for you to enjoy a special little treat for yourself, while you are busy working away on your new project.

Each Issue is Sponsored by:

WeCrochet and Furls Crochet. Bringing you beautiful luxury yarns and beautiful handcrafted hooks. Each design is made using their products. On page 106, they offer coupons to enjoy on new yarn and hooks, now that is worth it.

What is Crochet Foundry Magazine, you may ask? Well this who they are and what they are about.

This their story and commitment, from their website:

Their Story

Crochet Foundry was created in February 2020, when a group of designers came together with a simple mission: To create beautiful garments for women of all sizes. 

The Crochet Foundry Team was delighted with the overwhelming response from the crochet community after releasing the first issue in Summer 2020 with 5 original designs.

Proudly partnering with WeCrochet and Furls, each digital issue continued with 7 brand new designs that celebrated our craft, and encouraged women to create, and wear, their projects with pride. Because every body deserves beautiful crochet.

In early 2021, Furls Crochet purchased Crochet Foundry, warmly welcoming the magazine as part of the Furls family. What this means for our customers is that we will now be able to provide MORE patterns in each issue, MORE content, and MORE support than ever before! Hold on tight! We are just getting started.


There’s nothing we want more than to provide you with a variety of patterns to be made for all sizes, each and every issue. Charming delicates for warmer months. Cozy, comfortable attire for the cooler months. There’s something for everyone. And it doesn’t matter what your crochet skill level is, designers are here to answer questions.

Each design idea is hand selected, providing several styles within each issue’s theme or color scheme. With a variety of crochet designers making our magazing the best of the best, each design comes from the heart. In addition to the Crochet Foundry Magazine, several bonuses are offered each release. The Team at Crochet Foundry knows that the ability to customize your clothing is one of the most appealing reasons to crochet your own wearables! But there’s more. The team has also put together styling tips on how to get the most out of your newly finished project garment!

When you purchase each issue you are receiving garment patterns that are size inclusive (XS-5x), so everyone can enjoy a little beautiful handmade in your life. That is why, I love this magazine so much, always bringing you a new magical pattern from so many talented designers, sharing their creativity with y’all.

Let’s Break Down This Issue …

  • Intro to the magazine and designers
  • The patterns and recipes
  • Learn about the support and coupon codes
  • Abbreviations on the very last page
  • 3 articles, for enjoyment reading

Let’s Meet the Designers and Designs w/ recipes

Make sure you tap on the designers name, give them a follow and see what they are cooking up next…..

1. Jessica Herr designed Bonfire Snuggles Hoodie and Recipe: Homemade Chocolate Frosty

2. Mary Onorati designed Berry Lane Cardigan and Recipe: Berry Steamer

3. Michelle Moore designed Plush & Blush Crop Top

4. Torie Dell designed Yuletide Throw and Recipe: Pfeffernusse (German Spice Cookie)

5. Dianne Hunt designed Dulce De Coco Ruana and Drink Recipe: Coqutio, it’s a traditional Puerto Rican Holiday Drink

6. Alexis Hawley designed Snuggle Up Sweater and Recipe: Hot Chocolate Popcorn (gonna try this one)

7. Victoria Barrett designed Sweetheart Cloakigan; you’ll get a DIY Matching Boot Cuffs, to match (how cool)

8. Samantha Casale designed Wisteria Poncho and Recipe: Cran-Brosia

9. Chelsea Obermann designed Falling Snow Throw and Recipe: Almond Spritz Christmas Cookies

10. Briana Kepner designed Whimsical Cardigan Dress and recipe: Nutella and Strawberry Puff Pastry

11. Crystal Buchloz designed Heart In Your Sleeve Pullover and recipe: Lovers White Chocolate Mousse

Also, Lorene Eppolite designed 2 exclusive bonus patterns for this Issue, Twisted Valley Beanie and Twisted Valley Scarf, to go along with these epic designs, you will only receive when you purchase the Winter 2021 Issue. They are totally worth it, has they pack beautiful textures, you will want with each 7 of the sweaters in this issue or when you are snuggled up with fabulous 2 throws featured in this Issue.

👇🏻Get the Yarn and Hooks 👇🏻

Iris Odyssey

2 Epic Reads Featured…

1. Have you ever wanted to crochet better or longer? Lorene Eppolite from Cre8tion Crochet, dives right in this topic all about Hand Health and why it’s important. Plus, you get to watch a little video from the founder of Furls Crochet. Very great tips and useful information.

2. Have you ever wanted to know what crochet lingo is? Have you ever wondered what types of crochet lingo there are? Well, now you can get into it, by READING and Understanding the different types and the abbreviations in the crochet lingo, so you can start using them. Giving a little background of it as well, to get you talking like a crocheter.

Each Issue that CROCHET FOUNDRY releases every season, is based on a THEME, picking through beautiful colors to be used bringing you designs from a handful of talented designers, through a very CHIC and ELEGANT, state of mind, making you stand out this HOLIDAY SEASON coming upon us.

Each design is created using very well hand picked stitches, capturing that vision. The designs have a diagram, showcasing how it will look once you’re finished, where each piece will be connected together. Also, each garment design includes instructions to be size inclusive. They provide very well written instructions from Starting your project – Finishing your project, so you can wear them all WINTER long, being warm through the cold. You will also get stitch abbreviations mixed in with the pattern, but you can also go to the last page for them as well (included in each ISSUE). These garments will be be perfect to be worn this Holiday Season at your next get together or gifting a Handmade wearable to someone special this year.

Also, while you are busy away making, make yourself a little special delightful treat, to keep busy. It’s a little simple way to keep inspiration alive. (They sound super delicious)

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Something new they have included in this WINTER 2021 ISSUE, 2 blankets. These 2 throws will keep you all snuggled up warm, while you’re binge watching your favorite shows or taking the day to crochet and lounge. Both throws, are very well designed, including charts to follow along and beautifully written instructions from making your first stitch – to making that very last stitch. You’re going to want to make these, to have every year. Or just simply make them to give as CHRISTMAS GIFTS (they will be perfect for that).

Yuletide and Falling Snow Throw included by shopping through the image to get your subscription with code WINTER21

In Closing ….

I have come to enjoy writing these reviews on these issues. Bringing you insight into the issue and my thoughts about the issue. This is my third review and really happy over this one, because it’s coming out before the Holidays finally come to light, being available in time to make yourself something new to showcase.

They also include delicious drinks and treat recipes, to treat yourself to something special, while your busy working away. The Fall 2021 and Winter 2021 Issues, have included little DIY projects to make little gifts as well!!

Each Issue is very well designed and thought out, to bring a jammed packed great magazine, that will always keep bringing you back.

I enjoy the layout of the magazine. Opening that cover to the final page being turned, keeps you intrigued and guides you, not leading you stray. They provide you with all the tools, making you pick the path, in the Foundry Table Contents, there you choose where you would like to read or browse.

I know you will enjoy this magazine!! It’s Jammed packed with size inclusive garments, 2 snuggly throws, and 2 bonus accessory patterns, also delicious recipes for you to enjoy. So, what you are waiting for?? Get your subscription today with 20% off with code WINTER21, includes Customize Guide and Style Guide, with 2 limited-time bonus patterns, below 👇🏻

Crochet Foundry - Winter 2021 Issue

Or wait until 11/26 to purchase the Stand Alone copy.

So, the balls in your court. Jump on it now to get 20% off or wait till 11/26. You can start making your next piece to wear to your family gathering or making your next gift for this holiday. Also, these delicious recipes, you can make them for CELEBRATING these HOLIDAYS, to be enjoyed with everyone around.

Thank you 😊 for taking the time to read this review and listening to my thoughts. I hope you snag a subscription to get this issue!!

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