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Merry Christmas to Y’all

I want to wish y’all a Merry and Magical Christmas this year. I hope your holidays are filled with all the laughter and happiness moments.

This year is a blessing, as we get to spend this day with all our families and friends. Since last year, we just couldn’t get to make that happen. Create wonderful and keepsake memories, that you will cherish for many years. Play games, that you have been dying to play and scream at the top of lungs. Never let your kid like self slide past you, make it the best holidays.

I can tell y’all this, waking up this Christmas Day and seeing snow on the ground … just brought back memories of being a child. Even, watching the snow falling down, as it just keeps falling. Just brings me happy smiling and tears falling moments.

The reason for the tears, because this is the first Christmas season without my Grandma now being here. This was her holiday, when she wanted all her family together in one household. Cooking, baking and all her grandchildren running through the house.

When, we would wake up in the morning, Grandma would already be up and in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Grandma would be either cooking up her famous Biscuits w/ Country Sausage Gravy or big breakfast of bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and toast. Always, making sure we never went without something. Then, we would open all the gifts and skip lunch, for the big dinner. But, always had sweet treats lined up on a table, out all day long. It was a day ending with a night full game playing, with Grandma slugging someone sitting either on left or right of her (mainly me), if she didn’t win.

These are the Christmas memories I will cherish of my wonderful Grandmother, I will cherish. She was a hoot of great lady.

What are some memories of Christmas and Holiday season you cherish? What are some traditions you still hold onto from when you were a kid?

Baking Christmas cookies and candy’s, is one that will never change from me at all. Playing board games with everyone around the table ending the Christmas night packed with laughs. Even watching the snow fall, thinking about making snow angels and snowman!!

I hope y’all have an amazing Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! Create memories that will last a lifetime to cherished!!

The falling this morning for a good while!!

Little Updates ….

I still have new patterns that will becoming. More Pumpkins, Christmas Themed designs, Beanies and sweaters, just stay tuned.

Plus, I have another design that will be going in the Furls Crochet Blog for 2022 and can’t wait to share it!! Y’all are going to love it!!

Thank you for the support and being here along my journey with me!!

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

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