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Furls Whims Merino Yarn — Review

This post does contain affiliate links. These are my own thoughts and opinions about this product review.

Have you ever tried Furls Whims Merino Yarn? Did you know that come in 2 different types — DK (double knit) and Worsted Weight??

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When, I first introduced myself to Furls Crochet, it’s been like almost 5yrs, my eyes were just completely set on this luxurious yarn. I kept telling myself over and over, you need to get yourself some and try it out.

Well …. I got the opportunity finally and I literally love it so much. But, the saddest news is that it has been discontinued, sad drop face, I know. 12/2021 last year is when Furls Crochet decided to let it go, to make more room for newer products coming. But, literally you can still purchase it in their CLEARANCE section on their website HERE.

This yarn is available at affordable price of $7.00, which where it was at $10.00 per skein. Many many beautiful colors to choose from. This luxurious yarn is perfect for all designs/makes you’re ready to put on your hooks, ranging from:

  • Garments: sweaters, cardigans, pullovers, tee shirts, crop tops or ponchos
  • Beanies of any kind
  • Bags of any kinds
  • Amigurumis (crocheted toys)
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From Furls Crochet Website:

“Beautiful and bouyant Z-Twist Crochet Yarn for better drape and better crocheted stiches. This gorgeous 50/50 blend of Fine Superwash Merino & Nylon yarn is perfect for crocheters looking to make sumptuous garments, soft toys, and superbly structured blankets. It’s unique ply will also prevent split stitches and make crocheting easier!”

It has a sturdy feel, making it impossible to in unravel, if you’re making those market bags. With the nylon twined with the fine superwash merino, will with stand all heavy items you are carrying. But, if you are making those delicate garments, it will feel perfect against your skin, provide you warmth and you will be a show stopper.

When I wear or use what I make with this yarn, I literally get people asking me, “Did you make that?” I always respond, yes I did and I didn’t buy it. This was manufactured from my two hands, with this beautiful yarn of 50/50 fine super wash merino and nylon, making it sturdy and holds it shape, for years to come and be worn always.

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From Furls Crochet website:


Whims Merino adds a lovely, airy bounce to your garments and drapes luxuriously without the need for blocking.”

☝🏻I literally can contest to this!! ☝🏻

Before, I get into showing off what I have made with this luxurious and soft yarn, I am going to give you more information about this yarn.

From Furls Crochet Website:

“Fiber Info

Machine wash cold, Cool Iron, Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry, Dry clean (except trichloroethylene)


3.5oz (100g) – 200 yards (182m)/skein 

Light (3) weight yarn, 4 – 5.5mm hooks suggested

16 sc across X 20 rows = 4x4in (10x10cm)


100g (3.5oz), 120 yds (109m)/skein 

Medium (4) weight yarn, 5.5 – 6.5mm hooks suggested

12 sc across X 18 rows = 4x4in (10x10cm)

Whims Merino works up into a beautifully bouyant and superbly structured texture.”

I literally have found a joy and pure love for this yarn. It’s fast to work up and literally slides effortlessly through your finger like butter. Making all your creations/makes, look like you purchased them from a High Top End Store, but what they don’t know is that you made them with your own hands using this incredible Furls Crochet Z-Twist Whims Merino Yarn.

Furls Crochet Whims Merino Yarn brings out the stitch definition and paired perfectly with all your Furls Crochet Hooks, making all your stitches pop and look super texturgoromeous.

Showcasing that stitch definition. Click Image to Shop Furls Products

I myself, could use this yarn over and over again. Also, if you are wearing a beanie made this yarn, I can tell that it will go back to its original form, not leaving it stretched out. It has a elastic feel, that will hold to its shape over time of wearing.

I got the opportunity to design a one skein design for Furls Crochet and got to use this yarn for it. I designed a beanie in Adult Size Only in DK lightweight Mustard. This beanie is made brimless, but you can wear it with a brim by rolling up the bottom to even give it a fitted feel it or simply wear it brimless to have a more slouchy beanie.

Link and photo provided below 👇🏻 to snag it. Quick and easy to work up.

I was also provided yarn for another design and for this blog review from Furls Crochet, in colors Charcoal and Light Grey. I designed another beanie inspired for my love of my favorite Disney Villain, Cruella DeVille. I am busy writing up the pattern and can’t wait to share it with you all.

I also started another project using Furls Whims Merino DK Mustard, to create a pouch for all my hooks and notions for my project bag. Showcasing how this yarn literally makes your stitches pop into WOW-Factor.

Super Star Notions Pouch, available on for purchase. Click Image to Shop Furls Crochet products

I also have a pack of Charcoal and Light Grey in DK, that I am going to be making a garment to be worn all year round. It will be gender friendly, so everyone can enjoy it. So … stay tuned for that day.

I am also hoping to purchase more of this yarn, before it’s slips away forever. Which, makes my heart sad to say this. I literally can use this yarn over and over for all my designs.

So, I urge you to head to the Furls Crochet website, in the clearance section to purchase this luxurious yarn. You will not be disappointed I promise you that.

Thank you for all your support.

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