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Furls Streamline Pride Hook — Review

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On 01/28/2015, I got to celebrate my 7th Year Anniversary, with the most amazing man in my life. That was the day we took the vow to occupy each other’s heart forever.

My beautiful husband and I, up in the Beartooh Mountains.

Good Morning Everyone. I am coming at you with a hook review and a little insight to what this hook means to me.

I received this beautiful as a gift from Lorene Eppolite of This hook was also released last year in honor of Pride Month. When I saw this exquisite beauty, I told myself I would treasure it for years to come and take care of this one.

It is striped with each color of the rainbow and that of the Gay Pride Flag. The Gay Pride was created in 1978, at the request of Harvey Milk. The Gay Pride Flag is also called The LGTBQ Flag, which got its name after artist and Gay Rights Activist, Gilbert Baker. Baker chose the rainbow colors not only for the cheerful look, but as they represent the universal symbol of hope. Businesses and everyone that display the flag, show that their space is safe place for all.

The meaning behind each color:

Red represents LIFE

Orange represents HEALING

Yellow represents SUNLIGHT

Green represents NATURE

Blue represents SERENITY

Purple represents SPIRIT

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When I see this hook in use, it brings me to a smile and why I am happy for whom I am as a person, just being me everyday I wake up to start a new day.

When, I was younger, I just knew there was something different about me. I wasn’t happy, as I really couldn’t be officially me in whole. My father at the time in my life told my mom, “My son isn’t going to grow up to be gay!” I tried everything in my nature to not let that happen not one bit. But, that of course isn’t the case at all.

When I was 15 years old, I couldn’t resist with not coming out anymore. I told my mom that I am gay. My mom told me, “are you really sure? Do you think that you are truly gay? I would just wait a little bit longer till you are more older, than come out again. You’re also suppose to be in a relationship with a girl:” My life was crushed. I never received anything sympathy wise from my mom. So, I took back my coming out. My senior year of high school and 2 weeks before my graduation, I told my mom again, that I was gay. I got the same response from her. I even told my mom please let me tell grandma, don’t say anything to her. I was finishing up a project for my final, my grandma comes and sits besides me, proceeds to tell me this, “Colt, I love you and that will never change. You are you and that will never change. Who you love Colt or want to be with, won’t change my love for you.” After she told me all that, I was hurt and upset, because it didn’t come from me, it came from my mom.

As the years went one, I embrace myself and chose to have girlfriends rather than boyfriends, but in October of 2013, my life changed forever. I couldn’t resist MYSELF being MYSELF anymore. I took the liberty bell and rung it, coming out to everyone, to truly and officially be myself forever. My mom still tired to convince me that I wasn’t, but I finally set my mom down and explained it to her. It was hard, but was just tired of hearing why I can’t be with a girl. It’s just not me. Not who I want to spend my life with.

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My mom came to it and did my relatives. My siblings and friends, embraced, supported and loved me for me. They even told I am here for you.

In 2014, I met my wonderful, caring, supportive, kind hearted and amazing best friend. On January 28, 2015 my husband and I got married. We will celebrating our 7th year together and I am blessed to have him beside me.

When this hook is in place, stitching away, these are what I am thinking about. Celebrating me and truly being me. Bring proud and happy to live my life, with a big smile and being happy with my husband.

Now … The Hook …

Do you ever wonder what the Streamline Resin hooks are made of? Well straight from FURLS CROCHET WEBSITE: “Streamline Swirl hooks are first hand cast with a cosmetic-quality resin and resin-based pigments and then turned and carved into the ergonomic Streamline shape.”

The tip of these Hooks, have a needle point tip look to it. Making it easier to go into your stitches, even when you have to go into those chains (not the space). The tighter the stitch, the tip makes it easier to get into them. You really don’t need to pry it in, just a little push and won’t change the definition of the stitch. It will look the same as all the other.

The hook portion, which makes it a crochet hook, grips the yarn to a different level. That grip keeps your yarn on the hook, not loosing it up. It has a deeper traction that keeps it hook in place, not like the conventional hooks.

It has a long neck of the hook. This neck helps control the depth of your stitches. Not bringing the stitch all the way down the neck of your hook, gives your stitch a shallow look, the more you go down the neck, the deeper your stitch looks. This portion of the hook, helps with your traction and tension for your make/design. Also, if your curious, these Streamline Resin Hooks, are perfect for smaller size Tunisian Crochet projects, like gauge swatching it up.

The BASE of the hook. Which, gives it that ergonomic look and feature. This is where you get the size engraved, so you never forget the size you are using. It’s also a great resting place for your thumb, to not hurting or cramping my hand. It also controls the speed of your stitching, if you want to go slow or fast, it works with you in an ease of motion.

I can tell you this: “I literally crocheted 72 squares in four days with breaks, with my PRIDE hook.” It went super fast, with no cramping or feeling like I need a break. The project was a breeze flying off my hook.

Size …

The tip of the hook: ~0.25“

The neck of the hook: ~3”

The base of the hook: ~3.5”

From the tip – base: ~6.75”

The measurements listed above, are my measurements I took from the hook. So, you can a feel of long these hooks are and why they are my go-to.

From FURLS CROCHET WEBSITE: “The resin Streamlines are 0.2 – 0.3 oz heavier. A resin Streamline is 0.75 oz.”

Between the Wooden and Resin Streamlines has a 0.25 oz difference is in their weight, while you are holding your hook and stitching away. To me, they are medium weight, that fits perfectly into your hand.

Click Image to Shop Furls Streamline Pride Hook

To me: when you first pick up your Streamline Pride Hook, it has a cool feeling to it and warms up while you’re busy away placing stitches. I just love that feeling completely, makes me coming back to them. But, it’s the colors and representation of the hook, that keeps me coming back to it.

So … here is some tad bit news that is also located on the website … coming later in 2022 …. PRIDE GLITTER STREAMLINE RESIN … will be released. I am beyond excited and can’t wait. I can’t wait 😜 to get more of these iconic beautiful HOOKS, in my favorite sizes and have the collection (that’s on my list).

I hope you enjoyed reading this review of FURLS PRIDE STREAMLINE. It has a deep meaning to me and why I love mine so much. Thank you 😊 for the support and continued encouragement, it means a lot me.

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