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Crochet Foundry Spring Issue 2022 — Review

This post does contain affiliate links.

Today, this latest Issue has hit the shelves and ready to be adored by you. This issue is all geared and ready for everything SPRING.

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In this newest Crochet Foundry Spring 2022 Issue, you will find, 13 incredible crocheted patterns, in array of different colors, all suited in the HERE WE GROW theme. It’s all about nature and colors that surround us. This Issue includes size inclusive garments, accessories and home decor.

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With the 9 size inclusive garments in this issue, brings in an array of colors of blues, dusty pinks and cool greens to bring all everything garden vibes. Bringing you a lacy vibe for this new SPEING season.

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They have even included 3 accessory crocheted pieces, that will leave looking and feeling fabulous this Spring. Designed in array of blues, green and light greys.

You even get a fabulous home decor crocheted piece, that is inspired for this new issue theme. Bringing the love all Spring gardening into your home.

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There is even more amazing things jammed back in this incredible Issue. Continue reading….

You get 4 amazing articles to read through. 3 that are just packed with great information and useful knowledge.

  • 1st — Introduction into the Crochet Foundry issue pg. 4
  • 2nd — MJ’s Off The Hook Interview pg. 35
  • 3rd — Wanna Make A Living With Crochet pg. 51
  • 4th — The Foundry CAL Makes (Winter) pg. 84
  • 5th — Blocking. Why You Should pg. 92

Each and every Issue, is sponsored by WeCrochet (all the yarn) and Furls Crochet (all the hooks and tools), bringing each design to life.

They included even some codes for you to use, so that you can use the same yarns, hooks and tools, they used for you to make these incredible designs. 👇🏻👇🏻

Furls Crochet — Use code FOUNDRY20, for 20% off your purchase, cannot be combined with any other offers.

WeCrochet Yarn and Furls Cafe Swirl Hook
WeCrochet Yarn and Furls Alpha Hook

WeCrochet — Use code CFSP22 for 15% off any purchase between 2/24/22 – 4/24/22, cannot be combined with any other offers.

WeCrochet Yarn And Furls Ebony Streamline Hook
WeCrochet Yarn And Furls Teak Yarn Bowl

👆🏻👆🏻Great Codes for New Products 👆🏻👆🏻

One great thing I learned and love about these Issues, is the table contents, which is on page 3. You can literally click on anything there and it takes you right to where you want to go. The map through each and every issue, already in plain navigation form, not to make you get lost. FOR EVERY ISSUE!!

They have included 4 support pages from their sponsors that you can click on them and take you those pages, for you to garb new products. Which, I literally find incredibly amazing and useful. They are different products you can purchase as well.

Page 21 — Furls Crochet Wander Yarn, which they have 31 colors in total now

👆🏻Click Image to Shop Furls Crochet Wander Yarn

Page 28 — WeCrochet Yarn, Comfy and Lindy Chain Yarn

Page 49 — Furls Crochet, Leather Project Handbag (which I love mine)

Page 90 — WeCrochet, Free Catalog

For all issues and the patterns, they include the abbreviations in each design, but you can also find it on the last page of the issue. It’s the key for all abbreviations that are included in the issue. I just find that very useful.

Let’s Meet The Designers …

Right after the Table of Contents of this issue, you jump into the section, so can meet the designers featured in the issue. A great way to get a little back story behind and where you can find more ways to follow their journeys.

1st — Anastasia Smith (therealjourneychaneldesigns), designed a Cherry Blossom Tunic 👇🏻

2nd — Erin Ellis (regarding, designed a Fiocco Top 👇🏻

3rd — Michelle Moore (mjsoffthehookdesigns), designed a Sow Pretty Twist Top 👇🏻

4th — Amanda Corvello (amandacorvellodesigns), designed a Climbing Vines Shawl 👇🏻

5th — Michelle Ferguson (twobrothersblankets), designed a Plumbago Sweater 👇🏻

6th — Julie Desjardins (accrochet), designed Climbing Vines Knee-High Socks 👇🏻

7th — Victoria Barret (thestitchwithvix), designed a Blossom Trellis Tank 👇🏻

8th — Lenna Haughin (craftybones), designed a Corrie Poncho 👇🏻

9th — Michelle Muskett (talesofknots), designed a Moonflower Bolero 👇🏻

10th — Moon Eldridge, designed a Eventide Skirt 👇🏻

11th — Jessica Herr (herrstiches), designed a Calla Lilly Cardigan 👇🏻

12th — Briana Kepner (brianakdesigns), designed a Garden Crochet Rug 👇🏻

13th — Crystal Buchloz (crystalized-designs), designed a Arbor Tunic 👇🏻

At the bottom of each designer, includes little social icons, where you can find them on and even their websites. Away to get them more and to see what else they are making. Each designer featured, are super talented and are incredible designers, give them a follow.

Each design featured in this issue, have been thought through from the stitch pattern, texture, inspiration, yarn choice and colors, even including diagrams of the design. They even include yarn substitutes choices for you as well to choose from. Helpful notes, special stitch notes and construction guidance, for the making process to smooth nicely, so you can enjoy your piece.

Also what i find appealing to these Issues, are the recipes that they provide. Giving yourself a delicious and yummy treat, while you busy working away. You can also share these treats with anyone or just keep them for yourself, without sharing.

Recipes In This Issue …

  • Strawberry Scone
  • Dairy Free Pancakes
  • Fuzzy Peach Mocktail Cocktail
  • French Madeleines
  • Lemon Blueberry Loaf
  • Dirt Cake

They have included even some tips and a favor as well …

  • Gardening Tip
  • Potted Herb Party Favor Gift
  • Plant Tip

Crochet Foundry Issues for each season, are packed with amazing designs from incredible designers, amazing articles to read through, helpful tips for your enjoyment and amazing recipes to have a delicious snack. Most of all, the flow and layout of the Issues, are well thought out, never leading you a stray to keep you on the path.

Final Thoughts …

Each season is based on a theme, curated through each design and the recipes, wanting you to ring in the next season with pride, for you to enjoy their inspiration. The issues are designed for mapping where you want to go and which pattern you want to make, so you never feel lost and to keep your interest. The digital aspect for each issue is just incredible, taking you to the sponsors website to purchase the featured Yarns, Hooks and Tools, that designers used to design with, even with codes as well to use or even clicking on anything in the table contents to different section of the magazine, to ease you off scrolling.

Click Image to Snag Your Copy

You will never be disappointed with any of these issues, new or past issues. I have come to really enjoy the next season issue, getting me really inspired — I know you will too as well.

Use code SPRING22 to get 20% off until 3/8 👇🏻👇🏻

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