The Founder


Breathe, darling. This is just a chapter. It’s not your whole story. —s.c. Lourie

Hi!! My name is Colt Tryon.

I am based under the spacious blue skies of Wyoming, in a small old mining town. I am the maker and designer behind MM_Crochet17. I also, started testing for other designers, to help bring their patterns to birth and to keep the inspiration alive in me.

In 2015, changed my life forever. I married my best friend and life partner. We started the next chapter of our life long journey, that has taken us down many venturous paths. He is my biggest supporter and always pushing more out of my comfort, stepping the bounds more and more.

I always strived to produce that creative side, I have. I first got into poetry and just doodling — taking that dab into getting my feelings and emotions out onto a blank canvas.

In 2016, after Thanksgiving, my Mother-in-Law taught me how to crochet, by not showing, but by explaining. Literally, she showed me how to do the SC (single crochet) and work in the round. She told me to continue to keep working, until I got the hang of it and more comfortable, with holding a hook and yarn in my hand. It took me about 4 hours to grasp the process, which was very helpful.

Shortly after, I started branching out in more of the basic stitches — just constantly learning more stitches. Teaching myself more stitches, even as a beginner, learning more complex stitches. My favorite stitches are and see in my designs: puffs, everything bobbles and those stitches that make bold eye popping textures.

Feel free to reach me directly for collaborations or if you have any questions?? Let’s connect!!

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