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My Updates

I am sorry that I have been silent for a few months here. Trying my hardest to figure where I have been wanting to go. Like honestly, wondering if I want to continue to crochet or just let it go.

When I first started, I feel deeply in love, like head over heels. Constantly teaching myself, new stitches, even going into the advanced stitches. I even taught myself how to read patterns, even the things to look for and how to write patterns. That is literally, why it has been extremely hard, to want to give it all up together.

I am telling y’all, that is literally not the case. After, putting myself out there and working with so many different yarn companies, I can’t just walk away. With that, I have so many designs to write and bring out of time out to complete.

In July, I registered to retake my CNA course again and so that I can reinstate. I am literally excited for this next step in my journey and taking care of patients again. I am one step closer to accomplishing this dream and achieve this goal. I have submitted everything need to the board, now I just play the waiting game. I can remember ever since I was a kid, that I wanted to do was to take care of others. Its a sense of pride and joy, that make me happy. That is why I decided to bring myself into the crochet community. To create art in a whole new form, by helping others bring out their creative side and to show the world what you create on a whole different canvas, with just a piece of fiber and a hook.

So, with that being said, I am here to stay and keep doing what I love the most …. Crocheting with my whole heart and not stopping. It also helps me stay focused, motivated, relaxed, calm and reduces my ADHD in the full aspect of my being.

In other news, why I have been wanting to step away, is literally in my own mind, because I have told myself in my own mind, that what I am doing isn’t good enough or even worthy enough to be good. But I and I mean I, is 100% good enough. Just need these horrible thoughts to quit torching my mind with horrible parasites. Now, going to be bringing in all good everything vibes into my mind and keep doing what I love the most and sharing my creativity with others, that find it special.

Also, I have considered stop letting people test my designs, because others have ruined that for me. But, like why you may ask? Because, I have been ghosted numerous times, to where I haven’t and still haven’t heard anything. All they wanted was my design.

THAT STOPS NOW AND GOING TO STOP. I am over it. My husband doesn’t quite understand the whole part about the testing process. Even, when I literally try to explain it to him. Still is like, huh or is like ‘Whatever I am getting cheese fries.’

Explaining the testing process to my husband:

“It’s where they get a chance to create my idea, but while giving me feedback and finding errors within the pattern. Even looking for things that don’t make sense or need to be rewritten. Also looking for grammatical errors and mathematical errors. Making sure my final measurements and yardage are about the same. FINISHING THE TEST IN THE GIVEN AMOUNT OF TIME, IF NOT THAN COMMUNICATING TO ME FOR EXTENSION. Also, when they have completed the pattern providing me with good quality photos and their notes, so the pattern is ready for others to enjoy. At the end of the test they will receive the final copy of the pattern, from their hard work, to make this pattern great.”

My husband tells me, “it sounds they are getting a free pattern to me.”

Me, “yes they will receive that if they finish.”

My husband, “if they don’t what happens?”

Me, “than I will be sending them an invoice and will have to purchase the pattern.”

My Husband, “oh ok, but that is confusing and I am going to get something to eat.”

With that here is my boundaries with testing. Also, be linking this post in my Pattern Testing Page, so everyone understands where I am coming from now and moving forward.

I take pride while I am designing and making from the depths of heart. I want to bring pieces from my memories and to share a part of me with the world. So, this why I have been wanting to close my crocheting door and seal it shut. So many people and including my husband, don’t do it as you will be letting them control you and walk all over you. You are amazing and create beautiful pieces, so keep doing what you love and set boundaries.

Below you will find these boundaries and I stand by them.

My Testing Boundaries

1. Make sure you have the given time to complete in the given time frame, before wanting to commit.

2. Make sure you have or can get the materials to complete the task in given time frame, before wanting to commit to the task. If you are still waiting for the materials make sure you COMMUNICATE with me what is going on, just don’t LEAVE ME IN LIMBO and wondering. I know we can’t control the shipping and what will happen, just COMMUNICATE with me is all that I ask. Respect me and I will do the same.

3. Make sure you are able to give thoughtful feedback and advice, while looking for errors throughout rough draft of the pattern. Before wanting to commit to the task.

4. I know that life happens and things come that are unexpected through what we can’t control, but please let me know so we can work together.

5. If you are almost finished with the task at hand, but you don’t think you are going to finish within the time, than communicate that with me, so we can work together. Just give me the courteous and don’t just ghost me or go rogue on me.

6. When you have accepted the given task, but you feel like it ain’t just going to work out, let me know so I can make the adjustments.

These have all happened to me and I have set these boundaries for now on. I love what i do and where I want to go from here forward. This is my journey and my joy. That is the big reason why I got into designing, to share my passion with others.

Please respect me and I will do the same to you as well. Let’s continue to work with one another.

Also, I am excited to become a CNA again and follow my biggest dream to become a Nurse.

Thank you for being here and supporting me on my journey’s.

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Merry Christmas to Y’all

I want to wish y’all a Merry and Magical Christmas this year. I hope your holidays are filled with all the laughter and happiness moments.

This year is a blessing, as we get to spend this day with all our families and friends. Since last year, we just couldn’t get to make that happen. Create wonderful and keepsake memories, that you will cherish for many years. Play games, that you have been dying to play and scream at the top of lungs. Never let your kid like self slide past you, make it the best holidays.

I can tell y’all this, waking up this Christmas Day and seeing snow on the ground … just brought back memories of being a child. Even, watching the snow falling down, as it just keeps falling. Just brings me happy smiling and tears falling moments.

The reason for the tears, because this is the first Christmas season without my Grandma now being here. This was her holiday, when she wanted all her family together in one household. Cooking, baking and all her grandchildren running through the house.

When, we would wake up in the morning, Grandma would already be up and in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Grandma would be either cooking up her famous Biscuits w/ Country Sausage Gravy or big breakfast of bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and toast. Always, making sure we never went without something. Then, we would open all the gifts and skip lunch, for the big dinner. But, always had sweet treats lined up on a table, out all day long. It was a day ending with a night full game playing, with Grandma slugging someone sitting either on left or right of her (mainly me), if she didn’t win.

These are the Christmas memories I will cherish of my wonderful Grandmother, I will cherish. She was a hoot of great lady.

What are some memories of Christmas and Holiday season you cherish? What are some traditions you still hold onto from when you were a kid?

Baking Christmas cookies and candy’s, is one that will never change from me at all. Playing board games with everyone around the table ending the Christmas night packed with laughs. Even watching the snow fall, thinking about making snow angels and snowman!!

I hope y’all have an amazing Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! Create memories that will last a lifetime to cherished!!

The falling this morning for a good while!!

Little Updates ….

I still have new patterns that will becoming. More Pumpkins, Christmas Themed designs, Beanies and sweaters, just stay tuned.

Plus, I have another design that will be going in the Furls Crochet Blog for 2022 and can’t wait to share it!! Y’all are going to love it!!

Thank you for the support and being here along my journey with me!!

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

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Darn Good Yarn—Unicorn Scissors Review

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday.

I have something and amazing, to share with y’all. The minute I laid my eyes upon these beauties, I just knew, I needed them in my life. The unicorn shape and rainbow color, is what drew me into them.

This post does contain affiliate links. Where at no extra cost to you, I receive a small commission, through the purchases you make. It’s a way to help support me along my journey.

I want to thank the great and wonderful people from Darn Good Yarn for sending me these beautiful scissors to use and write this review.

Get Your Very Own HERE 👇🏻

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They are 4” from the point to the handles.

These scissors are coated with a unique rainbow plasma, making them stand out to the naked eye. They will pop out in all your photos, between there unique shape of a unicorn and beautiful rainbow color.

Those sharp blades will be helpful when you are trimming those pompoms or tassels for yarn projects, making the ends the same and even. They even cut through any type of yarn.

Get Yours HERE 👇🏻

It’s stainless blades with sharp points allow for delicate cutting trimming of any craft project.

This perfect unicorn shape of these scissors, just make me keep smiling and brighten up, when my eyes meet them. If you look closely, you can even the unicorn giving you a smile back.

One thing I really enjoy about these scissors, is the little case it comes in. It’s perfect to keep them in when not in use or for when you’re on the go. All you have to do is slip them right in and off you go. Perfect scissors to have when on the go. Plus, how can you not love these unicorn scissors!!

They are sleek and rearing to go. They are perfect for any type of fingers small, skinny, bigger or chunky fingers. My fingers are on the chunky size, they fit right in. They don’t cramp or get stuck, which is this perfect fit.


If you’re a Unicorn Lover, these scissors are perfect for you!!

I just can’t stop using my scissors at all!!

Darn Good Yarn is a good place to shop if you’re looking for sustainable products and fashionable items. Darn Good Yarn is dedicated to supporting women’s economic empowerment, fair trade practices, and principles of environmental sustainability. Also, they focus on empowering woman in India and Nepal, by providing fair-trade work. They use reclaimed and sustainable materials to create many beautiful products from skirts, yarns, other project bags, and so many more. Over all a very good company to always help and support what they are doing.


Make sure to checkout all their other affordable products they have. You will not be disappointed… AT ALL!!

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Little Something


With everything in the world, how has it made you feel?? Have you been struggling?? Are you struggling to keep your head above water?? Or, are you just skating by for the time being??

I can tell you all, it has been rough and not a cakewalk for me. I am trying every day to stay positive for myself but also for everyone else as well around me. It’s not fun.

I feel lost and drained. There have been days, I can’t pick up a hook, to have my fingers running through the fiber. It just hardens my heart and makes me cry because that’s what makes me feel happy.

It’s my sense where I belong and feel whole, without it I feel like I am nothing. I can’t even look at myself, as I just feel disgusted. Lately, that is what I have been feeling.

But lately, I can’t even smile amongst not crocheting like I used to. Now, I have a bigger dinner plate to worry and I don’t know what I am going to do about it. I don’t even want to look at it.

Something in 32 years of my life I never imagined. My brain is still dismantled and trying to regroup, putting those pieces back into place. Trying to understand it all, but how can I.

Trust me this isn’t an easy process. Will it ever get easy?? That I can’t answer, because my life has never been a walk in the park. Every time I think it has gotten to that point, I have been slammed dunked back in the face again.

Picking up the pieces yet again and trying again to make sense of them, trust me it isn’t an easy process. But you know I do it and will keep doing it. Because that is what we have to do.

It is what has kept me strong and will keep making me stronger in the years to come. Life will come back to me, where a smile will be a smile. Where I no longer have to fake it to make it.

We just have to go these lengths to get where we need to be in this life. Trust me, after these hurdles life, will be better then I know it and you know it.

So, put your smile on with me and help me get through these rough patches that we call…life.


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Bit About Myself


Do you ever think of what people think of you? Do you ever think of what people say about you? Do you believe what you hear? Or do you brush it off like nothing can hurt you?

When, I was younger wasn’t easy for me. I felt like I had this target placed upon. Words constantly hitting me like daggers for every direction. It made me hide in a little ball not wanting to face the world at all and not care about myself. It was away, just to protect myself from getting hurt from everyone around me.

I took those words and wrapped myself tight in them. They become apart of me, to hide the true me from myself and everyone around me. I allowed them to define me as a person. It was the only thing I knew how to do. I can tell you this if I didn’t, I know from deep inside I wouldn’t be here today.

It’s a proud moment that I didn’t allow it to take my life. Words can be the most demeaning part of us. The meaning of words take on a whole aspect on how they are used. They damage you as a person right into the core of who you are and take control. At that moment, my life changed.

People constantly are still telling I take things personal. That I can agree with. By the simple fact, how I have been talked to you and treated. I have tired my hardest just to walk away or block them out, but that has been harder than it sounds. To change things isn’t easy whatsoever, but all I can say is that I am trying.

What I want to tell you now, is that I am starting to look at my life differently. Appreciating myself more as person than ever in my life, because I have realized, this is the only life I have to live. I am living for anyone around me. Why should I care what people think ow what they have to say to me?

Now, I just allow them to say whatever comes across their minds but no longer taking that to heart. I still listen and now, I chose what I what to do with those from there. It’s all apart of this new journey I am along to change and grow more as the person I am.

I can tell you this, it’s not easy. You’re waiting for that moment to slip back into your old ways, but the stronger you get the easier it will be. Now, when I look in the mirror, I smile at myself and it’s the most truest smile I can give myself, then before. I tell myself I am proud and not going to give up or take that step back.

What I want to pass along is, don’t let words define you as person. Start knowing you as who you are, then take that with you to change you. You can’t change everyone around you, you can change you. Start today by putting that foot down, that will only take you higher.

Start with you to break the habit. Start with you to love yourself, before loving those around you. Start with you being you. Start by making the change. Today is always a new day, never what it will have in store for you. Your day is today.