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Wander Winter Ridges Blanket Sweater — Free Crochet Pattern

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I am so beyond excited and happy to share this with everyone. I got the opportunity of designing a pattern for Furls Crochet Blog Hop 2021, but as CAL, for the month of December. It made me super proud and happy.

Myself wearing Wander Winter Ridges Blanket Sweater, Free Pattern on Furls Crochet Blog, Click Image to go to pattern

Since, I have decided to design more geared toward Men, this was literally the perfect fitting on top of the pie. As, they were looking for patterns for Men as well and this sweater popped right in my mind. I gave my description and they took it. I wanted a design that was a sweater and blanket mixed into ONE, but would provide you with all the anticipating COZY and COMFY. Also, would be the perfect snuggle partner to have, while you are watching your favorite movies or taking the day to lounge with your crochet or knit in hands. But, it’s also a perfect companion to have on while sipping your first cup of awesomeness or out on your next adventure.

Copyright © 2021 Furls Crochet — Click image to go to the pattern

That’s what brought this SWEATER to life for your enjoyment. It’s a literally a QUICK and EASY to work up, making you have a new SWEATER to be added into your HANDMADE WARDROBE!! Also, be perfect as a special gift for your HUBBY, BROTHER, SON or anyone special in your life. Best part is that is also Unisex as well, so really anyone can enjoy this sweater for any adventures you are ready to explore upon. It is also size inclusive, meaning 8 sizes to choose from: S-5x!! So, everyone can enjoy this sweater.

Really cool features of this design:

  • It’s geared for Beginner + skill level
  • You can color block, color striping, solid color or using many different colors
  • Sleeves can be short, 3/4 long or long sleeves
  • You can roll up your sleeves at the end

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Tap link above ☝🏻 for this Free Pattern on Furls Crochet Blog you can make in no time.

Checkout my testers who literally helped me bring this pattern to life. Their time, skills and feedback, were very helpful to me, to make this a very Beginner + pattern, so very different skill level can enjoy making this Sweater Pattern. Also, you definitely should give them a follow as well.

They each did an amazing job making their sweater. They each chose many different colors and arranging them in such an unique way, gearing towards their personality, which made in even better. They were troopers and very helpful. So, thank you again.

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Design ….

Are you ready to cozy and comfy in the cooler seasons? This sweater will bring that to life for you. Created using just 2 simple stitches, packed with simple textures, will make you sailing through this like a breeze. It’s like sitting on the couch with a nice fresh cup of coffee and cuddling with a blanket, just pull on this sweater and it will do that charm for you, giving you that toasty warm feature you get with your favorite blanket. This will be your new favorite item. Wear this out on those cooler mornings to grab your favorite drink or any adventure your heart is set on. This will be your new favorite paired to any outfit or just taking the day to relax. This sweater is totally Unisex making it for anyone, to enjoy the warmth this will provide.

Copyright © 2021 Furls Crochet — Click Image to go to pattern

Yarn …

This Design I wanted to pick a yarn that brought on the warmth and would keep you cozy, by providing that much needed comfy. That also a littler more heavier than a DK (3) Weight, Worsted (4) Weight Acrylic was my choice, making a good choice. For this, I used Red Heart Yarn Super Saver in Grey Heather and White, more geared for the neutral take on colors (all colors are a total wonderful option). You can also use any type of worsted (4) weight, as it’s in the same category. Furls Crochet Wander Yarn, is perfect option as well for this pattern, it packs the same punch as well to give warmth, cozy and comfy snuggles

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You know me … I used my trusty and beautiful FURLS CROCHET STREAMLINE RESIN HOOK (Swirl). I used my Cafe H/8 (5.0mm). The beautiful swirls make it my favorite EYE CANDY, but the DELICIOUS TREAT for my design. The ergonomic base leaving it the best resting place for my thumb, making me crochet longer and buzzing through my projects. Get yours Today by clicking the Image below 👇🏻

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Copyright © 2021 Furls Crochet — Click Image to go to pattern

Materials …

Hook H/8 (5.0mm) Furls Streamline Swirl (or hook to obtain gauge)

Yarn — Worsted 4 Weight any type (Sample uses Red Heart Yarn Super Saver in Grey Heather and White) (Furls Crochet Wander Acrylic Yarn is a wonderful pick for this design)

Approximate Yardage — S (1300-1400); M (1400-1500); L (1500-1600); XL (1600-1700); 2X (1700-1800); 3X (1900-2000); 4X (2000-2100); 5X (2100-2200)

Notions …

  • Tapestry Needle (for weaving in ends)
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Stitch Markers
  • Product Tag (optional)

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2-4” of ease between each size

  • Small — Width: 24.25” (Fits Chest size 34”-36”) Length: 23.75”
  • Medium — Width: 27” (Fits Chest size 38”-40”) Length: 27”
  • Large — Width: 29.75” (Fits Chest size 42”-44”) Length: 30.25”
  • X-Large Width: 32.5” (Fits Chest size 46”-48”) Length: 33.5”
  • 2X — Width: 35.25” (Fits Chest size 50”-52”) Length: 36.75”
  • 3X — Width: 38” (Fits Chest size 54”-56”) Length: 40”
  • 4X — Width: 40.75” (Fits Chest size 58”-60”) Length: 43.25”
  • 5X — Width: 43.5” (Fits Chest size 62”-64”) Length: 46.5”
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Now, Let’s get started …

Since you have decided on the SIZE you want to make, get your YARN and Hook ready to dive in and make your new SWEATER, you will be wearing this all season long. Keeping you nice TOASTY WARM, snuggled up in all COZINESS and making you feel NICE and COMFY.

Now, Venture to Furls Crochet Blog…

There, you will find the pattern to start making your New Sweater and it’s FREE

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I hope you will enjoy this pattern, just as much as I enjoyed designing it. You will have a new SWEATER in no time and ready to be shared with everyone.

Copyright © 2021 Furls Crochet — Click Image to go to pattern
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